The Artists

Matt Bodett, Visual Artist

Born and raised in Idaho, Bodett received his MFA from Boise State University in 2011. Seeking to dedicate himself more fully to a studio practice he moved to Chicago in 2013. Since that time he has begun performing and exhibiting nationally and internationally. Bodett has created performance art work which has been exhibited at the Freud Museum in London, the No Limits Festival in Berlin, the Poetry Foundation, Steppenwolf Theater, and various other cultural institutions.

Bodett has been a 3Arts and Bodies of Work Fellow, a resident at MacDowell, an incubator artist at High Concept Laboratories, and has received numerous grants and awards. He currently teaches at Loyola University Chicago, serves on the advisory board for the Institute for Therapy Through the Arts, and is on the Artist’s council for 3Arts Chicago.

Erin Compton, Dancer

Erin Compton, a young white woman wearing a black leotard and skirt with white tights, performs an arabesque in front of a ballet barre. Through the windows behind the barre, the red Chicago theater sign appears.

Erin Compton is a 17 year old history buff and dancer. She dances with the Inclusive Dance Workshops at Access Living, Joffrey Ballet, and Expression Dance Studio. Erin participated in the Young Choreographer’s Project Los Angeles, and is the Miss Amazing National Runner Up Jr. Teen Queen. She is one of the youngest members to serve on the IL State Rehabilitation Council, representing students with disabilities transitioning from high school to their futures.

Mia Coulter, Dancer

Ladonna Freidheim, Dancer

Ladonna, a white woman with shoulder length, wavy blonde hair, smiles at the camera. She wears a light pink shirt.

Ladonna Freidheim is passionate about dance, inclusion, science, and joy! Due to a degenerative disability that ended her ballerina life, Ladonna navigates the world most of the time with the aid of braces and a cane, but it is her wheelchair that has enabled the restoration of her dancers soul! Ladonna is the Founder of ReinventAbility, a member of MOMENTA Dance Company, and serves on the Board of Directors for SeeChicagoDance.

Shireen Hamza, Dancer

A headshot of Shireen, who smiles slightly at the camera wearing large wire-rimmed glasses, a maroon headwrap, overalls and a black mock turtleneck.

Shireen Hamza is a PhD candidate in the Department of the History of Science at Harvard University with a secondary field in Critical Media Practice (CMP), and a managing editor of the Ottoman History Podcast. She is completing a dissertation on Islam and medicine in the medieval Indian Ocean world, and has also published on the history of sexuality. Drawing on her research, Shireen is composing a series of text-scores for movement practitioners, each one based on a different illness or therapeutic modality. Having come to dance through her experiences with chronic pain, she is deeply interested in dance and disability -- and grateful to be a part of this project.

Kennedy Healy, Visual Artist

A portrait photo of Marley, a young white woman with red hair, glasses, and tattoos. She stands outdoors and is holding a vintage film camera over her left eye while her right eye is open. The sun illuminates her hair as the wind blows it to the right.

Kennedy Healy (she/her) is a Fat, Queer, Crip Chicago-based writer and consultant. Her work focuses on disability, accessibility, care, sexuality, media representation, and abolition. She is the founder of Crip Crap, a media company that makes media about disability, by and for disabled people. She is a Libra who loves plants, chicken wings, and feminist country music. Follow her work at or on Instagram

Alison Kopit, Choreographer

A headshot of Alison Kopit, a white woman with long brown hair wearing glasses, purple lipstick and a blue and white floral button down shirt. Alison looks up at the camera with large rocks embedded in the earth behind her.

Alison Kopit (she/her) is a white, queer, and autistic cultural worker, performance artist, and academic based on Lenape Land, colonially known as Philadelphia. She is interested in disability aesthetics, anti-oppressive approaches to cultural work, and time travel, often mapping her ideas onto the body through dance scores. She was a 2021-2022 resident of Dance/NYC’s Disability. Dance. Artistry program and has served as a research coordinator for Simi Linton’s Proclaiming Disability Arts project, scholar-in-residence to Full Radius Dance, art administrator and creative collaborator to Sky Cubacub of Rebirth Garments, and visiting assistant professor of Disability Studies at the University of Toledo. She recently earned her PhD from the University of Illinois at Chicago in Disability Studies. She believes that Disability Justice can transform arts communities, social movements, and our relationships to ourselves and each other--and that artists are well-equipped to lead this transformation.

Euree Kim, Visual Artist

A headshot of Euree, who looks straight at the camera with their head tilted slightly, their short black hair falling into their face. They wear a collared denim shirt featuring cats and white birds playing together.

Euree Kim (they/them) is an interdisciplinary artist, activist, and researcher. Euree’s works seek to navigate the complicated realities of how disabilities are produced, perceived, and represented in face of critical sociopolitical issues. Euree has Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) and a master's degree in public policy and Human Rights at Adler University. Their writings were published and shared at Truthout, AK Press, Riksha magazine, Spork!, and more. Euree is a co-founder of project ACP, a grass root project to address the state violence against people with disabilities, and recently started a new project on militarism, disability experience, and remembrance.

Maypril Kruzkowski, Dancer

Maypril lives in Wonder Lake with her parents. She loves dancing, fishing, golfing, bowling, Tik Tok, and Youtube videos. In Kindergarten, she started dancing with the Wauconda Park District program and switched when her High School Gym class offered dance. She also feels lucky to be part of the Inclusive Dance Workshops. Maypril attended McHenry County College and works in Crystal Lake. She loves dancing, her job and her family.

Ginger Lane, Dancer

A headshot of Ginger, a white woman with red hair wearing a pink shirt and a white and pink scarf. She sits in a power wheelchair with her body turned slightly to the right and her head turned toward the camera.

Ginger Lane is a dancer choreographer and teacher who has worked in the field of physically integrated dance for over 25 years. She produced the annual dance concert, CounterBalance:the Power of Integrated Dance, for 10 years, has taught workshops in Israel, Chicago and throughout the Midwest. A favorite workshop program is guest teaching the Chicago Inclusive Dance Workshops. Ginger performed her own choreography at Spring to Dance at St. Louis’ annual dance festival for 3 years. She is the recipient of a 3arts award and a 3Arts fellowship at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Ginger serves on the boards of Chicago’s Cultural Advisory Council, and Reinventability. She was named by Mayor Lori Lightfoot as one of seven Civic leaders for Chicago’s Women’s History Month. Ginger is the recipient of a 3Arts Award in Dance, and a 3Arts Disability Arts & Culture Fellowship at UIC.

Joseph Lefthand, Performance Artist

A headshot of Joseph, a man with brown skin and short black hair. He wears a black piece of fabric that partially covers the lower half of his face and a wide bar of grey is painted across his eyes and nose.

Joseph Lefthand is an artist, administrator, and cultural advocate based in Chicago. Descended from the Cheyenne-Arapaho, Taos, and Zuni tribes, Lefthand works at the intersection of art and social practice, exploring the role of embodiment, "performance-as-theory", and communal inquiry as sustainable modes of discourse when confronting institutional and historic systems of violence. His current research imagines contemporary, traditional, and hybrid forms of performance and dance as catalyctic to shared resilience and cultural resistance.

Kris Lenzo, Dancer

A headshot of Kris Lenzo, a white man with a bad head and white beard. Kris wears a black shirt and smiles widely at the camera.

Kris Lenzo has been a national champion in wheelchair basketball and wheelchair track several times. He first performed with MOMENTA in 2003 in Larry Ippel's Sharing the Moment. He has performed at Spring to Dance St. Louis, Dance Chicago, Duets for my Valentine, Bodies of Work Festival of Disability Arts and Culture, CounterBalance, and almost annually at Chicago’s Disability Pride Parade. Kris facilitates MOMENTA 's EveryBody Can Dance! workshops and is a 2015 3Arts awardee.

Thai Lu, Visual Artist

Thai Lu (they/them) is a first generation American from a family of Vietnamese refugees, an interdisciplinary neurodivergent artist, writer, and a community organizer centering their practice on the social, cultural, and physical effects of chronic illness. They are also a disability justice advocate and a founding member of Sick In Quarters, a disabled-artist led mutual aid project supporting patient advocacy and care work in and for marginalized communities.

Marley Molkentin, Photographer

A headshot of Molly, a white woman with red hair blowing in the wind wearing a black spaghetti strap top over a white short sleeve t-shirt. She holds her camera vertically in front of her right eye.

Marley Molkentin (she/her) is a photographer, videographer, and digital project manager from Cincinnati, OH. She spent 5 years in Chicago, receiving her BA in Multimedia Photojournalism as well as MA in Civic Media from Columbia College Chicago. She is most passionate about collaborative creative storytelling that helps educate and broaden perspectives on social justice issues. But mostly she just loves people. You can see more of her work on her website or follow her on Instagram at @marleymultimedia.

Alex Neil-Sevier, Dancer

A headshot of Alex, a white woman with long brown hair, looks up at the camera. She wears a long sleeve black shirt.

Alex Neil-Sevier is a dance educator based in Chicago, IL. Alex holds a Bachelor’s in Dancemaking from Columbia College Chicago and a Master’s in Public Policy from DePaul University. Her graduate work explored using existing social infrastructure as incubators for creative placemaking. Alex’s passion is working with youth to help them find their voices through movement. She is proud to have worked with movers of all ages in both traditional and nontraditional dance settings.

Katie L O'Neill, Visual Artist

Katie O’Neill (b. 1995, New Jersey) is a Mad artist, archivist, educator, writer, and bathtub resident. O’Neill has presented workshops, performances, and visual art internationally at The Hemispheric Institute of Toronto, Lightbox (Detroit), Pennsylvania Art Education Association, International House Philadelphia, Fountain House Gallery (New York), Brick Lane Gallery (London), Hyde Park Art Center (Chicago), and Port Philip Specialist School (Australia). She received her BFA at Moore College of Art & Design (2017) and her MFA in Performance at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2019). O’Neill is currently pursuing her doctorate in Disability Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Stefanie Piatkiewicz, Dancer

An action shot of Stefanie, a white woman wearing black pants and a black tank top. She sits on her hip on a wood floor, propping herself up with one hand while the other reaches toward the camera. Another person with dark skin sits behind her.

Stefanie Piatkiewicz’s (B.A. Dominican University, M.A. & GL-CMA Columbia College Chicago) choreography has been featured at Hamlin Park Theater, in Links Hall’s THAWALLS, and Dance Chicago’s New Moves. She has choreographed several musicals, including Schoolhouse Rock Live! for Dominican University, as well as My Fair Lady, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Pippin, and Ragtime for Concordia University. Piatkiewicz is a yoga, dance and movement educator, and is a 2019 Certified DanceAbility International Teacher.

Lauren Sheely, Dancer

A headshot of Lauren Sheely, a white woman with short brown hair, who smiles widely wearing a short sleeved black shirt in front of a bright red wall.

Lauren Sheely (she/her/hers), is a Chicago-based deviser, choreographer, and dramaturg for dance and theatre. Lauren grew up training in ballet, jazz, and musical theatre. In college she discovered ensemble-based devising practices and began the work of unpacking her experience as a chronically ill person through movement. Lauren is a co-facilitator of the weekly Chicago Inclusive Dance Workshop Series. She holds her M.A. in Performance Studies from The University of Chicago.

Andy Slater, Performance Artist

Headshot of Andy, a white man with red hair and a beard, who tilts his head as he smiles slightly. He wears a light grey button down. The background is dark grey.

Andy Slater is a Chicago-based media artist, sound designer, teaching artist, and disability advocate. He is the founder of the Society of Visually Impaired Sound Artists and a teaching artist with the Atlantic Center for the Arts’ Young SoundSeekers program. Andy holds a Masters in Sound Arts and Industries from Northwestern University and a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He is a 2022 United States Artists fellow, 2022-2023 Leonardo Crip Tech Incubator fellow and a 2018 3Arts/Bodies of Work fellow. In 2020 Andy was acknowledged for his art by the New York Times in their article, “28 Ways To Learn About Disability Culture.” Andy’s current work focuses on advocacy for accessible art and technology, Alt-Text for sound and image, the phonology of the blindbody, spatial audio for extended reality, and sound design for film, dance, and video games. He has exhibited and performed at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Mcsweeneys Quarterly Concern, the Contemporary Jewish Museum San Francisco, Transmediale Festival Berlin, Ian Potter Museum of Art Melbourne, Critical Distance Toronto, Gallery 400 Chicago, Experimental Sound Studios Chicago, the Art Institute of Chicago, Flux Factory New York, and Momenta Dance Company Chicago. Andy has collaborated with artists Molly Joyce, Shannon Finnegan, Kinetic Light, Quintron, Fayen d’Evie, and Eyehategod.

Vincent Tufano, Dancer

An action shot of Vincent, who sits on the edge of a stool in a lab space. He wears braces on his legs, which are bent and crossed with the balls of both feet supporting him. His masked face looks down at his intertwined fingers with palms facing the ground.

Vincent Tufano, who is 35, has been dancing for many years. Through adaptive dance and sports was he able to gain the strength to walk again after being completely paralyzed for many years after an injury. He has performed with the MOMENTA Dance Company and acted for the lyric opera and done community theater including performing at Theater on the Lake in Music Man. Vincent is currently working on his Bachelors in Art and Education while still pursuing his love for dance and competing.

Robby Lee Williams, Dancer

A headshot of Robby Lee Williams, a Black and Chicano man with curly, dark hair. Robby smiles widely at the camera, wearing a bright purple shirt.

Robby Lee Williams is a dancer and theater performer who is coming into the third year of his disability. He has trained and performed with Tango 21 Dance Theater and has been overjoyed to join Momenta Dance Company since 2019 to continue his dance journey. He is looking to join his poetry and adaptive dance in a way that is meaningful and moving.