June 4-5 & 11-12, 2022

Unfolding Disability Futures

at The Plant, Chicago

Site-specific performances and installations by local disabled artists centered around the theme of “Disability Futures.”

Performances and installations highlight how The Plant has been redeveloped to make the building accessible in ways that are both functional and beautiful, proposing access not as a drain but a plentiful resource.

Made up of art installations and dance performances by local disabled artists, this collaborative project pulls together a vibrant and growing community of disabled artists working across mediums, including performance, sound design and visual art.

Unfolding Disability Futures highlights the work of five choreographers/performance artists, eleven dancers, and seven visual artists, each with their own connection to the disability community and their own take on the theme of "disability futures." Their work will be featured throughout The Plant, allowing for conversations to emerge between the artists and the space itself.

A behind the scenes shot of the work of Kennedy Healy and Marley Molkentin. Kennedy sits in her power chair in a bathroom in front of a sink and counter with various products and tools sitting on the counter. Kennedy wears a black tank top while Marley stands behind Kennedy adjust a a camera on a tripod that looks into the bathroom mirror.
A group of 11 dancers wearing white, black and grey pose in front of a red brick wall. Some dancers use wheelchairs while others stand. Many of them stick their hands and legs out in various directions while directing their gaze inward toward other dancers.

The Plant

1400 W 46th St
Chicago, IL 60609

The site-specific performances and installations will unfold aorund the wealth of architectural beauty within the revitalized space of The Plant.

An outside view of the side of The Plant building. A mural of people farming is on the left and the logo of the old meatpacking company is on the right. Sunflowers appear in the foreground.
An image of the interior entryway of the plant. A ramp snakes from the ground in the foreground to the next level at the top right. An indoor pond and turtle habitat emerges under the ramp and a wall garden hangs just behind the ramp on the far left.